ChatGPT.. Resistance is futile!

So, I gave in and started a chat with the ChatGPT..

And okay, it won't ever be "thinking" or "sentient" or anything like that but Holy Moly! It certainly is handy!

I think I just witnessed the beginning of the end of the Search Engine Era. How fun!

First we exchanged ideas about whether code can be poetry or art, and vice-versa. Output not bad for a big-data-algorithm; certainly better than anything you would get at the local after 11pm.

Then I asked about some ESP32-related stuff and was able to correct ChatGPT a couple of times as we went along. Fair enough. It had misunderstood the technical documentation but now got the lingo and assured me that future queries along these lines would be more accurate. Okay!

But what piqued my interest was when we started talking code. I asked if CG could find a way to improve on a function I wrote, and while it could not (though it did instantly recognised that I was using Arduino "Strings"), its response to my next question; "So, how would I do this using C-strings?", as well as its perfectly-formed answer (IT STYLES CODE LIKE ME! NAH NAH NAH NAH NAH FUCKERS!!!! See! That's where the curly braces go!), got me asking one simple question..

How long would it have taken me to find that on Google?

And the answer is; as I know from experience; in the 20m-infinity region. ChatGPT had already done all that "Googling" and just spat it out. Good code. And with proper comments.

So yup, for a great many search queries It's (in the Python style) ...

Goodbye Google


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