Waiting for my hard drives..

It occurs to me that over the last couple of decades, hard drives have gotten slow. Real slow.

Okay, sure, hard drives are technically much faster than they were even a decade ago - such is the way with technology; stuff gets bigger and faster - but hard drives are not keeping up. Not even close.

As expected, document sizes, and the space required to house them, has dramatically increased, and hard drives have increased in size to match, by *thousands* of times. Good. But the speed has increased by only a *few* times. See?

Bottom line: A decade ago, it took me almost a full hour to backup my hard drive, work, documents, system settings and such. Now it takes Thirty Six.


And if that was me replacing one of the drives in my RAID1, that would be 36 hours in which my main computer; for many, their main source of income; is completely unusable.

Ten years later, the same task should not take longer.
You think modern hard drives are fast? I think not!

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