Star Trek Zero.. WOW!

What can I say? Amazing! Incredible! WOW!

Not only rebirthed the entire beloved Star Trek Universe in a Stroke, but shot the most spectacular human birth in Sci-Fi cinematic history, syat. The Franchaise is free to take off on a whole new path now; I can't wait!

Seriously, it's ActionActionAction and never lets up (A trick JJ learned during his time on Alias, no doubt). By the time the mind-blowing, explosive finale stress-tests the cinema's sound system, I was completely, utterly breathless. it's a non-stop thrill ride, stapped full of insane special effects and spectacular cinematography, seamlessly directed and edited, with charismatic actors chopping out terse, clever lines into a truly awesome sound-scape. Weeee! Basically, everything is off the charts.

When those credits roll, you'll know you've gotten your money's worth, and then some! I was physically trembling by the time those big letters hit the screen;


Oh yeah, baby! Really, I could barely stand, let alone walk out of the cinema, but somehow still managed to be the first to race out, buzzing marvellous cinema into the night streets. Oxygen! Earth!

Star Trek Zero. Great stuff! Though at just over Eleven Minutes it is a wee bit short.

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