Oh Gilles!

I have a legal dilemma.

Fink's new album is shaping up nicely in my media player[1]. Of course the title track is excellent. I heard it first on Gilles Peterson's show a couple of weeks back, where is was truly superb. That "Maker" is pretty darn good, too. But the acoustic version, recorded at Maida Vale, as part of their session for Gilles, was mind-blowing. Someone on the show said the engineers were "Wizards". Word. And the vocal phrasing knocks spots off the album version, both tracks.

So, Excellent Vs Truly Superb.
And, Pretty darned good Vs Mind-Blowing.

Legally speaking, I can keep the Truly Superb and Mind-Blowing versions of these songs for only another fortnight, and then, I must delete them from my hard drive.

Anyways, this is just to let you know that, officially, thirteen days or so from now, I will become a criminal.

I wonder how it feels? smiley for :ken:

for now..

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