Happy MassProductionMas!

Okay, I'm still recovering from November, which may be skewing my perception of December, but whatever it is, this looks like one crazy month. Everyone, except me, has gone insane.

Okay, me too, but only in brief spurts, like when I try and drag and drop a bookmark in Firefox, which I'm told has now been officially recognized as an Olympic sport. Or when I go into the city, which is now just swarms up to something. People's houses, too, have started flashing weird colours. Gotta be Christmas, or Xmas, XXX-Mas, or whatever it's called these days; ShopFest, maybe.1 As the years pass, I seem less and less affected by it, thankfully, and almost never find myself using words like "festive", and "holiday".

Something about Jesus again. And money. I like money. I like getting it, and spending it. I'm not entirely sure what shopping has to do with Jesus, but for sure, if He were around today, he'd be up for the latest iPhone or X-Box. He'd recognize, as I surely have, that we live in the Golden Age of the Consumer. He'd likely give up all that enlightenment malarkey and get himself a kick-ass 7.1 surround system and a wall-mounted 26" flat-screen. I mean, who wouldn't? They are so cheap.

He'd give thanks not to God, but to the Far-East, and its magnificent manufacturing technologies, oh yes! Hallelujah Japan! Glory to Taiwan! Hallowed be thy China! Crack a cracker for South Korea!

A young me would have slapped you right in the face for suggesting that I could experience near-as-dammit cinema in my own home for under £300, or setup a professional recording studio for under £500, or have a full color imaging workshop for half that. Even in 80's money! But here we are, and the prices are still dropping while inflation heads off the other way. At this rate, you might even have enough left to buy something for yourself. If you're smart, or highly selfish, you even start with that.

Christmas! W00h00! So two of the three I pretty much already have2. The third, no thanks to you greedy, ungrateful bastards, I've been saving up all year to realize; yes, at last, my recording studio, proper. Okay, £500 isn't quite gonna cut it, and for decent results I'm looking more at twice that, but still, a darned consumer-like number for pro quality results. Hail Eastern Manufacturing!!!

Christmas time, for me, means turning down as many well-meaning invitations as possible and getting stuck into some nice long uninterrupted work sessions. The staff downstairs might even loose their chains and get home for three whole days or more; Bliss!

And this year; if the exchange departments and couriers of this great, albeit rather small, nation can get their act together in time; Christmas will mean lots of glorious music making!

Woah! Did I say "Glorious"?
Where did that come from? smiley for :eek:

for now..

:o) The Writing Entity @ corz.org

1. I'm sticking with "December"!
2. And without trying at all.

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