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Google: "slackware 11" deluge package

THE most annoying thing about this kind of search result, is the lack of a "NO!" button, right next to where it says "Did you mean: Blah Blah Blah".

I'm human, after all.

Oh, and if anyone has such a package, let me know! For that old laptop of mine, 11 is as far as I can go1.

for now..

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1. At least, as far as it can go without some serious geekery, which I'm not up for at the moment. At any rate, Slack 11 is superb, and There's always deluge (and dependency) source packages I can set to compile, overnight or something. it's an old Toshiba Pentium 133, you see; I've probably mentioned "Oshi" before - perhaps the most reliable computer I've owned, at least since I retired by BBC Micro, long, long ago.

It happily runs Apache, with all my dev mirrors, sendmail, ftp server, the works; even a nice KDE desktop to lift the lid for, once in a blue moon; and does it all at a very respectable speed; unless I'm compiling something from source, that is.

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