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Just because I don't watch TV, doesn't mean I don't watch TV programmes. I only watch the best of the best, though, the net working like a filter, you see, top stuff folk make time to re-encode, and offer up to the rest of the world, bittorrent style. After I've had a few recommendations for something, I check the torrents..

And that's how I can to watch Battlestar Galactica, which has stormed into my "Best Sci-Fi series of all-time" list squarely at number one. Even better than Firefly! I can't believe I'm saying this, but it's true. Firefly was a great series (and who knows, may be again), but Galactica romps ahead, and blows away everything that's come before.

There is no weak link, no dodgy effects, no shiny unreality; Galactica is dark, gritty, wise, political, everything that good sci-fi should be and then some; and all the while, non-stop blow your mind action. it's got heart, it's got soul; I even know girls that like it! that's right, Sci-Fi! Forget your preconceptions.

I know it's damn good, because as I sit here, working away, really I am sitting waiting. it's like I'm a kid again! Tonight is the night! And at some point, some ripper is gonna drop that wee torrent file into mininova, and the ride can begin again. I literally cannot wait, and I'm thinking about how I might code up a quick rss reader that will play some Really Loud Alarm, when the torrent appears.. scans for "S04e01", or something like that.

If you've been living on another planet and missed the first three seasons, they are all available out there. Get caught up! Season Four begins TONIGHT! I may have mentioned this. There's also a clip entitled "What the Frak is Going On", which will enable you to catch up in around eight minutes, if you're in a hurry.

Final season. Four of Four. it's gonna be HUGE. Enormous! And because it's the final season, I guess all the loose ends get tied up, too. Real completion! Like a big long movie that would take a fortnight to watch straight out. Sounds like a plan for some future holiday.

<checks rss feed..>

Ho hum..

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