where am I?

Not here, anyway; by the looks of things.

But switch a few, add a few characters here or there, and you'll find me kicking around the URLs, somewhere. Sometimes, I'm too deep in tech to communicate "higher" things, whatever that means.

Not that code can't aspire to be art, or whatever, but it does seem that the more ye run current through that particular wiring, the less busy the other synapses get. This can be a Very Good Thing, peace, I mean. I wasn't gone so long for no reason! But I always come back, and for a wee while now. To those that asked; yes, I'm fine, thanks. I'm also a little wiser, which is always good. Mainly, I'm just busy.

In short, I've been coding like a bastard, again. After nearly six months off-line; for me and the site; there was a lot to do, still is; so it might be a while before I'm back here for a proper spiel.

Though perhaps not. I still struggle with the whole concept of a blog, and how one might "do" it; the line between blog or not-blog may shift, yet. Anyways, if you missed my scrawlings, and need a fix, you know where to go.

for now..

:o) The Writing Entity @ corz.org

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