I Was Wrong

Okay, I was wrong. About lots of things, probably, but particularly about Peak Oil. I hadn't considered it until I heard about it, even after that, and I guess it slotted beautifully into my Man-Kill-Earth (MKE) mindset. It made sense, and I was shocked, which tends to sink things in that bit further, all by itself.

But like I said, I hadn't considered it. Why should I? The facts are surely undeniable; crude oil is a fossil fuel, it was created way back in Neolithic Earth (or thereabouts, Neolithic just sounded poetic) and exists as a limited and finite resource scattered in tiny pockets around the globe, and we are using it all up, and we'll run out, right? Wrong. Totally wrong.

Put it like this; Something transformed Russia from an economically backward nation massively dependent on foreign oil reserves, into the world's largest exporter of oil (that is, on top of their own energy needs, of course). That something was the simple discovery that oil is not a "fossil" fuel, but is created, continually, deep within the Earth's mantle. And the development of the technology to get at it, of course.

They didn't keep it a secret, either. From the Forties on, a huge body of scientific data has amassed on the science, mechanics and practical extraction of "Abiotic" oil. They built hundreds of deep drilling wells, and, went on to to create enough wealth to become a world superpower.

Here's an image, with a link to a site with links to sites all about this..

an image

it's interesting that Western petroleum scientists, to this day, refuse to accept the (unrefuted) evidence, and there is a lot of it, that their whole idea about what oil is, is completely false. This isn't an entirely new phenomenon in the world of science, but with such vast sums of money involved, and private industry involved, you would think we'd get past the dogma, and quickly.

But, and this is a long and woeful "but" that spindles off into directions I wouldn't attempt to track here; illuminati, power, corruption, lies, many things; BUT all the evidence I've read suggests that for some reason, the powers that be would prefer not to drill even a fraction of the known conventional reservoirs, let alone explore the Russian's incredible new technology.

This rather fascinating free book may shed some light on things. Written by a Chaplain who missionaried on the Alaskan pipeline construction, it details the astonishing lengths the US government went to, to delay, obstruct, and otherwise sabotage the construction of the pipeline to this vast oil field (of which they had granted permission to produce only a tiny fraction of, by the way) whilst simultaneously forcing the US into an energy crisis, national press stuff, farm machinery stopping, cars abandoned, pumps empty, the works.

The "why would a government do that?", I will leave to more inclined minds. Here I'm simply setting the record straight about Peak Oil, a rather ingenious and captivating lie. A hoax. Sorry. I hope you didn't get all anxious about it, as I did.

There is plenty of oil, and will be for a very very long time, probably for ever. Certainly long enough for us to develop cleaner, sustainable energy technologies, like hemp1 biomass. .

No. I'm not gonna get started on how a plant once so common and much-used that Culpeper2, in his famous Complete Herbal, stated..

This is so well known to every good housewife in the country, that I shall not need to write any description of it.

..could become outlawed, and in all the areas it provided for Mankind; paper, textiles, raw cellulose, food, medicine, etc., etc.; less efficient, more toxic and expensive alternatives were sold in its stead. Orchestrated insanity on a global scale.

See, from there we could jump to Du Pont, and then we're back into illuminati territory, fuck that. it's just too mind-boggling. Maybe another day.

for now..

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