Hasta La Vista, Vista!

I had to drop in to say, after careful consideration I have decided that if you are planning on installing Vista onto your peecee, you need to stop and think again, you silly person.

If you have already installed Vista on your peecee, go hang your head in shame, you fool! Only technical staff forced to review the beast are exempt. All other Vista users are either sheep or insane. Their could be a third catagory of which I am not aware.

I mean, really, what was it, eh? Fancied some eye-candy, did ye? Puleeze! it's taken Bill and gang years to make XP stable, fast and secure (relatively speaking, behind a decent third-party firewall), and you would give that up for a few gradients? Did I hear "Baaah?"

XP will be supported for a decade yet, take a deep breath and sniff the reality; There's still much to discover and learn; most of the so-called experts haven't yet realised its full potential. The current beast still has legs a plenty, fo sho.

Anyways, all those 50/50 Billy-Goats that come this way should at least leave 49/51, job done. If you really want eye candy, perhaps a new theme…


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