I still get it. Paper, that is. And that, I don't get at all.

When my rent went up by two pounds, or whatever it was, the local authority feels the need to send me five pages of A4 to tell me this.

And after the death-threats for "printing only on one side" they now send this information on paper that is pre-printed on one side. Guys, that doesn't save paper, it wastes ink! Please refer to earlier communications where I gave you my e m a i l   a d d r e s s!

I'm working on a sign for my front door, it will read "Nil by Mail", and hang right over the letterbox. And if some brave postie decides to lift it, there will be another sign underneath.. "Signed-for deliveries only".

And inside the letterbox itself, I plan to breed scorpions, as a hobby.

What century are we in?

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