Traditionally the start of the year is a slow time for me. It hasn't been this year. I wouldn't know where to begin filling you in with the details, so I probably won't. Where did this blog disappear to these last few days? Well, erm, simple human error, I reckon. That black hole for things that are supposed be somewhere else, or happen elsewhere, or whatever. I blame no one! smiley for :ken:

Not a mistake, that's different. We learn from those. Errors we just go "aww feck!" or words to that effect. And then try to pay more attention next time. And not be in a hurry. (note to self)

Avid corzblog readers (that's you and me, matee) will have noticed my wrestling with a rather challenging blog on the dev mirror. I'll come back to that, I offer by way of excuse for it not actually getting up here to the live version. What can I say? It confused even me. But I'll work on that. The confusion, that is.

Okay, you got me, this is a filler.

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