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Well, since I started sending death-threats to junk mail companies and switched my utilities to paper-free billing1, I don't get a great deal of paper mail, something I'm very happy about. The idea being that when I do, it's important. This one certainly is..

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For those that don't know, Scotland is about to get its own National Theatre (at last, yes). This is clearly a Milestone in Scottish History and all the rest of it, but that's not what makes it special for me.

To launch the new National Theatre of Scotland (NTS) the powers that be have decided to adopt the theme of "home", one of our language's most evocative words, and they have commissioned

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ten Scottish directors to create ten pieces of theatre on this very theme, in ten different locations around Scotland, some to be performed in actual homes..

And of all the hundreds of thousands of streets in Scotland, the first ever NTS production will be staged.. (wait for it).. in Aberdeen! And amazingly, the venue is.. (OMFG!) my street! smiley for :D   48 Logie Place, to be precise.

Although, officially, NTS is launched on the 25th of February, the Logie shows run from Tuesday, 21st, and every other door on the street got a cool letter+poster through it, with an invite to the preview show on Sunday. I booked two tickets.

Something to tell the grandchildren, eh! smiley for :ken:

for now..

:o) The Writing Entity @ corz.org

the irony being that umpteen paper letters are usually required to coax said utility companies to adopt this practice in the first place, och well, you wanna make an omelette…

And no! I had nothing to do with it! it's a coincidence! smiley for :lol:

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