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Every morning I get the Scotsman Newspaper. Not paper, it's an email, linking me to my own personal selection of the day's news. Science and technology, Health, and erm, something else. A nice wee mix, and handy for when I get the urge to dip my toes into the "real" world, so to speak.

I don't get the headlines, they are always Bad News, but the wee stories are often a good read, cloning experiments, quirky diseases, that sort of thing. Anyways, at the risk of revealing my murky early life, this morning there was an article about "bashful bladder", also known as - get this - avoidant paruresis smiley for :lol: which I didn't even realise was a bona-fida medical condition, but is something I used to suffer from in my teens and early twenties. The article is entitled, " A wee problem with devastating effects". Truly.

It goes on to describe the methods of treatment they have attempted so far, and rounds up by saying that the success rates are very low, like 2%! Thats' right! TWO PERCENT! ..
The most common treatment therapies were psychotherapy, graduated exposure therapy where sufferers gradually learn to urinate in the presence of others, self-help, medication and cognitive therapy.
Okay, Stop. I figured this out years ago, and it's really a lot simpler than that. Sure, There's always an element of mind of course (do your own psychotherapy!) but essentially you just need to relax.

You can go to your happy place, or whtever, but the bottom line is relax. You need to feel a strong deep wave of relaxation travelling down through your body, into your groin. DO NOT USE FORCE. I remember visualising a waterfall at one point, a rushing torrent coming up through my feet at another, but that's not essential. Simply breath out slowly, and relax.


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