hot new technological innovation from apple: the two button mouse!

So, Apple have finally relented and decided that the two button mouse is actually a pretty nifty idea. Or so it seems..

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this on slashdot. (Boy! that KNewsTicker is nifty!) A TWO-WHAT?!?! I remembered, a couple of years ago, I came up with a design for a two-button apple mouse, of course I never imagined apple would go for it, it's unthinkable! Now I'm thinking I shouldda done a nice blueprint or something..

It was gonna look exactly like a pro mouse; apart from some distinctive "cosmetic feature", of course, donating its "duo" features, maybe a stripe; no buttons at all a-la pro, and worked by rocking the top section left or right when pressing down, I figured even an infant could do that, and no RSI with all that finger-tapping business, either, just like the regular pro mouse.

I might have mentioned it on IRC channel. Hmmm.. I wonder what apple's will be like. Damn! I really should shut-up and patent this!

och well, too late now, I guess.

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