a good day

so long as I've previewed once, then technically, in my mind, I've started. The blog, that is. It means I can give it the title "a good day" and still be writing about this day. that was important. I've got 3 minutes, I had to chuck my visitors out. They didn't have an appointment, anyway.

hah! 2 minutes to spare. I'm using integers instead of words for numbers in this blog, in case my old English teacher ever comes across this, used to really piss him off.
corz.org server responded, *phew* my first preview and its title crossed over the wires, and it's still the 23rd. God only knows when you will get to see it, but it's still "today", in my mind, and with enough energy, today can last a very long time. There's so much to tell.

almost without noticing, I'm starting paragraphs with small case letters, which may or may not be relevant. I have to pee, and holding in a pee is a Very Bad Idea, in case the direction changes in the next paragraph, you'll know why..

now, you'd think it would have been the three-minutes-to-go thing that had me dashing through here, bursting, but I remember now, M dropped a solid in my bathroom just before her departure, and I had to evacuate, I was prepared to just do the title, one word, and PREVIEW! if I had to. It would have all worked out.

Everything does, in the end. Of course, that's why we're here, but no, I'm talking about all the little things, like how I used to leave dishes piled for ever and stack and stack them, and made a science of the stacking even, and they would mould, and I'd eventually get around to doing them all (and I really have too many dishes and cutlery, so I can stack for a month!) and really, thoroughly, totally enjoy the task of cleaning them up, scrubbing with gusto.

I started to miss the space you get when they're clean and all put away, and it's just more efficient to do them before all the food bits dry in, and life begins.

I wouldn't have just held it in. The title was important, sure, but my bladder more so. It was a risk, but I was confident I'd make it, I'm moving like those guys in Elektra jussnow, swiiiiish. There's a full moon coming, when I'm like this, a 50% chance exists that if I go out, someone will ask if I've any cocaine. I don't. sorry.

more time has passed.

I noticed an error in my last addition to the router page. Then I got an idea for some code, and then, I did some code, and it looks okay, and well, maybe you see where I'm heading with this; it's lunacy; and it happens every month, you can practically draw a sine wave through it.

I'm not talking about Biorhythms, not here and now, I'm past all that, though my best work on the subject remains offline, for now, I'll get around to that, but one thing at a time, which is what's hard to do when the moon is so bright, one thing at a time, I mean.

My mind seem to touch everything at once, and is a continual struggle to focus. Is there a regular pattern in my blogging? would it survive analysis? gotta keep the thoughts straight, or straight-ish, for writing. I can see where I'm heading, and that's always a blessing!

more time passes.

A day of big triumphs in small things, and the very opposite. A sunny day, which always seems to make more things possible. Folk wear light clothing, and it transfers to their thoughts, I feel. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, and moon energy can be collected two weeks in water in a vessel, and drunk for magical purposes, and although true, is but an illustration, precursor to experiencing the moon for real.

for now..

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