what about .cor huh? heheh, jus my little joke. smiley for :lol:

fucking scanalous! I mean, what if I got my own guys with menacing voilin cases? I don't need these mobsters, do I? This is a protection racket or something, looks like it. criminal. they'll never get away with it!

nono, wait a minute! hold on! isn't that what it's all about? take a small amount of money from a large number of people. I mean, they just wrote themselves a cheque for a zillion dollars, and it will cost them NOTHING!

ICANN ROCK! They are Gods! I kneel in the church of ICANN! I kiss their fruit-centered business model, and gently rub their blue-print with a warm solution of Daz Ultra!

Actually, I know fuck all about this, except that I'll pay, cuz it's not much, and domains are priceless.

cor scurries off to do his renewals..

for now..

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