SPAM to die for..

okay, someone has crossed the line, and I have only one thing to say..


Listen, I accept spam as a part of everyday online life. I even revel in creating systems and mechanisms to effectively deal with it, and learning how the clever spammers can slip through my net, we evolve, they evolve, we evolve, it's all good. it's a game, and we can win it.

it's not so bad. For all its time-eating evil, at least no trees are destroyed by the spammer's mass-mailing campaigns, and this is absolutely a Very Good Thing. I dream of a world one day where the spammers get it right, and I DO get spam again, but this time, it's 100% relevant to my needs and desires, because while I don't need bigger breasts, or viagra, I do need some stuff, but I have to filter anyway, for now.

But there are lines that must not be crossed, and I take great pleasure in sending a bag of emails to ISPs, various authorities, registrars and web hosts whenever some fuckwit spammer dares to toy with my personal email address (it must have been entered manually, see), I don't tolerate it, and I'll take the night off ensuring their domain, their host, and even their landlady have booted them from their virtual crime-den. But at worst, I don a greyish hat in these cases.

On the whole, spam eats less and less of my time than it ever did and I've been happy enough about the way things are going. Until today.

Okay, I own domains. Okay, I'm perfectly happy with Godaddy (this was clearly written a long time ago! -ed), but hey! I'm open to suggestions, but HEY! YOU CAN FUCKING EMAIL ME ABOUT THIS! These bastards have crossed over to the dark side proper..
Domain Registry of America
56 Gloucester Rd., Suite 526
London, England

Let's be clear Spammers, you have your technologies, your vast databases and very long lists, your scurrying spambots, address-eating spiders and data-mining vampires. And I have mine. We battle in the virtual world, by virtual rules, and all's fair in spam and mail.

Now, 56 Gloucester Rd., Suite 526 may be one of those "virtual mailing address" places (that's rhetorical, I'm almost certain it is exactly that), but that's not what makes these guys criminal. What makes them criminals is that they decided to send my "Domain Name Expiration Notice" (fuckerz!) Renewal Form BY ROYAL MAIL!!!*

guys, you will be hearing from me.

:o) The Writing Entity @

  • they didn't even bother to use recycled paper, which at least would have been a gesture. maybe they thought it would interfere with all that small print on the back. pfff...
  • yeah, it was the trees I was referring to, dying.

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