consuming business, life. and consuming my life, business. somewhere in-between I'm working on, the soon to be live in the DNS again domain especially for the coolest dynamic signature image on planet Earth, syat! ..

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And it was while sketching ideas for the page header that I happened across the notion of creating some kind of snowflake embossing. the idea being that the snowflake, each unique, would represent the individual and their singular life and tastes, the important stuff that would be broadcast in their sig.

"every ampsig publisher is a beacon"

that's what's in my mind as I mess around in Paint Shop Pro (which just seems to get better and better with each release; I can't remember the last time I fired up Photoshop). And "progress", of course. Getting all these elements together into something simple and original is the challenge.

So I went looking for snowflakes..

I'm completely googlazy! I google even for stuff I know full well to be in my bookmarks because you never know, something better might have cropped up and fortunately, google doesn't care much for "bookmark-quality reference links"; probably the most absurd notion I've ever heard spouted on a reputable webmaster forum; the idea that google should not adapt and rank every single second of every day. crazy.

If a new page comes along, and it's better than anything that came before it, I want to see it at the top of google. NOW! that's probabaly how you found me! smiley for :lol:

And so I found this.

And suddenly I want to take back everything I ever said about flash sites being no more than, well, "flash". This rocks! In short, you get a real old-fashioned piece of paper, and a pair of scissors, and you simply cut out a snowflake!

When you're done, you can save your snowflake as an EPS, or mail it to yourself. All the finished snowflakes go into the main gallery, and you can browse through and download any of zillions of user-created snowflakes! Here was my effort..

an image

okay, not a masterpiece or anything, but some of the user-created snowflakes in the gallery certainly are. Go see for yourself!

And while you're there, don't forget to read the smallprint at the foot, which concludes.. Report offensive snowflakes at

If you see an "offensive snowflake" first report it to ME! smiley for :lol:

for now..

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