that's not the story

I'd been out for the evening, trying to get a busy friend of mine to sit down mindfully for a couple of hours; a movie, 50 First Dates, and a bottle of the finest cream liqueur. But that's not the story.

On my way home, a mouse ran out in front of me, right into the middle of the road, closely followed by a cat. I stopped, to watch. The cat terrorised the mouse for a minute or so until I intervened, giving the mouse a chance at freedom, which it took, darting under a fence.

As I walked down the hill, two, three hundred yards, the cat was still at the fence, trying to figure out where the little bugger went. That was the first time I've seen this archetypal battle waged in the city. But that's not the story, either.

My bloody digicam packed in! OMFG! The super-cute lens-cap that flips in and out of place to allow the lens mechanism to extend, protruding out of the body, stuck. BEEP BEEP BEEP! No pictures of the mouse, then.

When I got it home, I dismantled the FujiCam (FinePix F401, anyone know where I can by a lens cap retraction unit?), taped up the "hatch is open" micro switch (Thanks God that still works!) removed the lens-cap altogether, and the cam works again. *phew*. it's not so cool, sure, but I can take digital pictures again. Of course, that's not the story, either.

The story isn't even the actual real story I got when I first woke up. It involves a group of cute pets, a bath full of water, and it's a bit tragic. Seeing as how it's not the story either, I won't go into details. Not a great start to a day.

Today was the first day I've ever needed sign-language. I don't know any, apart from a few intuitive, obvious things, so I'm thinking maybe I'd like to learn some. She understood when I told her I recognised her face. it's a start, I guess. But no, that's not the story.


I can't remember what the story was, I was a bit tipsy, and fell asleep. It was a long day, and that was two days ago...

Yesterday I was in Glasgow for a meeting with my new bank. I'm going official;, the business. More about that another day.

It was perhaps the least unpleasant train journey I've had all year. Did I mention I hate trains, and I mean Hate. The seats are uncomfortable, don't recline, and almost every carriage has some idiot playing their iPod/walkman/whatever device with inadequate headphones for added annoyance. Fuckerz!

Maybe if, when we buy rail tickets, we were to ask for "a carriage without annoying walkman and MP3 player users", they might do something about this public nuisance, at least a separate carriage for them. hmmm, that's a thought.

But at least my camera is fixed, so on the way back, I was able to nab a few tasty shots, including a couple of scenes I spotted on the way down. Like my new desktop wallpaper..

an image

Nabbed at 100+mph from my speeding train. Lucky shot? Yeah, Rrright! If you look closely, you can see faint reflections. If I'd had a polarising filter handy, I might have done something about those, but I'm glad I didn't. it's tempting to mess with the colours, increase saturation, contrast and stuff, but I haven't done that either; I kinda like the mellowness of the shot. I've resized it down to 1024x768, which most desktops are. Enjoy!

That image will eventually find its way into my FREE WALLPAPERS section (the word "FREE" would flash, too, I reckon, to catch your attention) which doesn't yet exist, but seems like a smart idea; I've a lot of images taken specifically with the desktop in mind.

Sadly, this Summer is mostly going to pass me by; There's just so much to do, and that's before I start work on getting my 3000+ songs online. erm, FREE MP3's anyone?

But before that, I need some shopping.

for now..

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no less than three females asked for my phone number today, those pheromones are still pumping away!

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