sold, sorree

Microsoft have offered me the princely sum of $230,000 dollars to use the corzoogle search technology in their new web-based "thin-client" version of Windows®. w00h00!

As well as making me wildly rich, at last, part of the deal is I have to hand over the corzoogle and domains. This has ramifications.

But with all the money they're giving me, I can finally afford to put all my biggest and bestest plans into action! I'll pick up some other domain, or summin, and host it right here, on my new fibre-optic link.

As from next Thursday, I will no longer be able to accept mail at the corzoogle address, please alter your address books to use for the meantime, until I have a new home. sorry for the inconvenience, but clearly this is too good an opportunity to miss. google will be a bit pissed.

So, as well as my birthday, it's a bit of a sad day, really. No more No more corzoogle. But look on the bright side, I get to have lots and lots of money, and money is, after all, the reason I'm here, we're all here, r8?


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