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It amazes me that within four days of mentioning Tarantino's "five-point exploding heart trick", or was it technique? anyway, WITHIN FOUR DAYS of mentioning it right here in this blog, someone shows up at my site from google, searching for that exact term! Well Hello Kill Bill fans!

My site logs rock! They are an hour every evening, or most evenings, that I thoroughly look forward to, and google always provides some of the best laughs. Who would have thought that I was up there in a search for "tasty background images"? In Norway I'm your number one stop for Tasty Background Images, something I feel I aught to capitalise on in some way, if it weren't for the fact that in reality almost no one is looking for "tasty background images". I didn't even use the phrase! that's not one of the funny ones, of course.

Some of my search results are embarrassing, even beating dot.coms of the same name as the query string! Sorry guys! smiley for :lol: Though I have to admit that most of it is unintentional, that doesn't make me any less thankful. Spider away!

Even when the msnbot almost brought this site to a standstill during it's initial *frenzy indexing* stage, I still let it spider away. Their technology needed "adjustment", sure; an email here, a bulletin board post there sorts that; but no way would I ban the thing!

Have I mentioned how I feel about the power of search engines? Och heaps of times. But it's still amazing to me, and years from now when all the kids of then take it completely for granted, I'll wager that pockets of old-school types will still meet up and marvel at it all, how we changed the world.

A few days from now, in another part of the physical world, someone could search for "msnbot frenzy indexing" and end up right here, reading these very words. If that's you, by the way, you have a choice; either a) edit your robots.txt file to disallow the bot, commit internet suicide, or b) optimise your site. You should be safe now anyway, they've upgraded and tweaked their insect, it's almost bearable, unlike some others I could mention, and probably will if they don't learn to lay of the effin hammer!

You wouldn't think that acceptable standards for internet search engine activity were debated and decided upon almost a decade ago. I guess when you have a new search product, and a schedule, such things take a back seat.

I'd like it all to be site-driven. The engines can index once, after requesting permission to do so (unless my robots.txt file says otherwise). After that they index only when I request it. When a page is updated, a message is sent to the isdb (internet search-engine database) or directly to the engines, and my page is re-indexed, or queued for re-indexing. It could be scheduled site-side, or instantaneous on every change. A soap-like protocol handles the messages, my blogging/cms/whatever software sends them. just a thought.

At some more future point, google will be like corzoogle, when a document changes anywhere in the world, google will have it. a moment later, it will appear in search results. cool huh. But I'm giving too much away. heh.

I started today early, was entertaining by 6am, walked over five miles (Karma loved that bit) and still managed to update and improve over 39 separate site scripts. I've decided to end it with Shpongle, very loud, and leave the testing/uploading until at least tomorrow. corzoogle/corzblog/distro.machine users, prepare for some neat updates including a fair few user-requested features.

Everyone else, all I can say for now is, keep your eye on the status bar!

okay, less text, more Shpongle...

for now..

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