okay, summer's over. I'm cool with that now.

it's been a real memorable one, the kind of summer where, if someone were to ask you what you were up to, you wouldn't know where to start, so I won't. Though I might drop a few nuggets in as I go along.

It seems like years since I looked at a php script, but I've started doing just that. I remember now why I keep such thorough notage; I'm writing those notes for some dude in the future who really hasn't got a scoobie what's going on. That dude is me, and I'd like to say a big thank-you to the me of the past for the extensive help text, I need it!

I see corzoogle downloads tipped over the thousand mark in my absence and continue to climb. Some folks are actually using it, too; research institutions, universities, clubs, rock bands, fan clubs, tech dudes, religious groups, the works.. jeez, even the ***** ********** Director of Public Prosecution uses corzoogle as its chosen search technology. I censored that last item because while they have removed the links, they have not paid their license fee. I mean, what is the world coming to, huh? Publicly Prosecute yourselves dudes! hahah.

Big thanks to everyone who's mailed me about related things over the last few months, and especially those brave souls who leave comments around this site, they'll be here for ever, you can show your grandchildren.

While I'm shouting, big w00ts go out to Ronniethefish and Rose for a) having names that you can roll your tongue over (heh) and b) going that extra mile; it's guys like you that keep my faith in humanity strong. /me bows

Oh! Windows XP sucks. (in case you didn't know)

Hey! Apparently I give off some kind of unusual magnetic charge. As well as ensuring I'm continually plagued with lustful humans, it means hardware has a tendency to blow-up around me, especially televisions; another reason why I don't own one. At any rate, I'm waiting for my linux box's hard drive (which blew up) to be replaced by the manufacturer, and learning that even simple services like NAT1, can be a complete nightmare on a non-unix machine.

<long rant about Windows® XP, snipped>

I wonder how the Linux desktop is coming along.

Anyways, it's Autumn, and in the North of Scotland that means Cold, Wet, and Dark. I like Cold, Wet, and Dark, by the way; I'd be in Spain otherwise. This'll probably mean longer hours tucked inside BBEdit and the festal realization of many juicy "user comments". In other words; If you want one of my apps to do something, or do something better, better tell me now or soon!

On the subject of hair, which I am now, I'm compelled to share with you a remarkable discovery of mine..

the tops of old socks make excellent hair-bands!

yup, just cut that top bit off, and bingo! it's cheap, and; vitally in this twenty-first century garbage heap of a planet of ours2; eco-friendly, right?

Still on the subject of hair; mine is getting rather long, and more than a few times recently I've been asked, "what do you wash your hair with?" or some similarly worded question. My response, in the vein of this very paragraph, has been to share with the enquirer a remarkable discovery of mine, and I say "water", which they immediately interpret as sarcasm and walk away.3

it's the magnetism, you see, I have to keep the lustful humans at bay if I'm to get any work done. For this reason I also now bite my nails and wear dirty shoes. Most females are instantly repelled by just these two simple precautionary measures. Also, I plan to not clean my teeth for the next week or so, reckon I'm guaranteed as much time as I need to devote to the important tasks, like writing, and coding, and singing; though I hear you can do that with another person4.

for now..

:o) The Writing Entity @

  1. Network Address Translation. Allows one machine to act as a "gateway" for other local machines to access the internet. A few years ago, Microsoft bought a technology called "Internet Connection Sharing" from a company I'm probably legally prohibited from suggesting even existed. Needless to say, they took this small, cute and highly effective codebase and transformed it into a bloated, unreliable "feature" of their excellent Windows® operating system. ignore me, I've just had to reinstall my XP box, again.

  2. Incredibly, underneath the layer of garbage is a beautiful, magical world called "Earth", or "Mother Earth", as I prefer. In fact, in some of the more remote areas of our home planet you can still see (shrinking parts of) its natural beauty.

  3. unless they're really gagging for it. in this instance, their instinctive animal self has served them well; they will learn the secrets of washing your hair with nothing more than plain water, and maybe get a shag.

  4. it is accepted anthropogical fact that human speech evolved from feeding. Early humans would grunt and make other noises whilst eating, and these later developed into words, with meanings. It is my belief that singing evolved from the act of making love. feel free to think about that.

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