the parries

the first time, you almost faint. the shock! I remember my first time. I remember wanting to vomit, but at the same time being too fascinated by these little creatures to go hurl my gut up all over them.

they were lost, out of their depth, their entire world! grasping and fishing for the thinnest strand of hope, a life-rope, and I knew, that instant, when the first one found his way, I knew just how he felt. suddenly his life seemed purposeful, with meaning. we shared a common bond. I still washed him and all his family down the sink, though.

I mean, there must have been generations up there, grannies and grandads and uncles and whole cities with cultures and traffic systems and cinemas and holy shit, itchy! After a few years, head-lice becomes a part of life, something you just have to deal with every once in a while living here. a good metal bean-comb is your friend.

I'm sensitive now, I learned. the very first intruder is detected immediately. I know the difference between an itch and an itch. your scalp doesn't movethe hairs about, it doesn't bite. apparently most adults aren't so sensitive, the wee buggers get a good egg-laying session in before the dull folks spot them,


which is why parries are one of the most successful species on the planet, the Egyptian Pharoes had them. so there ya go.

Anyway, I got him! a big un too! and sadly have to add yetanother name to my list of "folks you must comb after they leave". och well, it's good for the hair you know, all that combing. I used to wonder if it was the parries themselves leaving some kind of residue; a hair treatment; mine always seemed to be in tip-top shape afterwards, a sort of conditioner, and I wondered for a time if it might not be such a bad trade-off, you know, great looking hair for a an itchy scalp and the large risk of infecting anyone and everyone you hug, or even swish past with that very same dilemma.

But I think it's the combing, and a week doesn't go past still when some lustful human remarks upon my hair, it's texture, or length or sheen, so even without the parries, it's in tip-top form. and doesn't itch. no, I never gave you them, wasn't me, been clean for months, I swear!

for now..

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this is not a reference, nothing points to this, I just fancied adding a footnote along the lines of.. "you'd probably better read that again, right away"   :lol

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