I don't know where to start.

Yesterday, the installation of my new heating system was completed1.

Today, it snowed. I guess I'm just lucky.2

Winter's arrived, and along with the snow, everything's falling into place. despite having my floorboards up, an unsettling business, it's all working out perfectly. It always does, sure, but currently I'm getting to watch, getting to live it, which is a helluva lot more fun that just hoping it or believing in it.

While I've no truck with regular astrology3, I'd wager that the planets are up to something right now, all that huge pulling power, at just those right angles. fascinating thing, the human brain, it's chemistry.

it's curious how we accept that the moon pulls all the oceans around this big planet of ours with its HUGE magnetism4, and yet pay little or no attention to the effect all this might have on the delicately balanced chains of metal particles in our brains. Mind you, I believe a few Scandanavian countries do have "moon-madness" laws, so There's hope yet. Planets next, eh!

Next for me is more php, I'm in the mood for it just now, could be cosmic activity, so everything has had an update this week. check the devblog for lots more details, links, and less obvious gags.

And if you're an astrology student, mail me for my birth details, you can correlate the ratio of devblogs-to-blogs for me, and map it against my astrological transitions with some kind of statistical analysis tool, okay? smiley for :D

for now..

:o) The Writing Entity @

1: super-dooper 91% efficient condensing boiler and all-new plumbing and radiators in every room, not to mention a HUGE extra cupboard/bigger kitchen where my boiler and hot-water tank used to be. There's no tank now, so the hot water never runs out. last night I had a long, and much needed bath.

2: regular readers will be well aware that I've no truck with "luck". There's no such thing. however, I do use the word as a technical term. I just expect you to know what I mean.

3: by "regular" astrology, I mean the stuff they pump out into the tabloids and syndicated channels of the world.

having your own specific birthchart interpreted is an entirely different matter. the more specific you are about the actual time and place of birth, the more incredible your birthchart will be. There's software to do it these days, do it.

I'll share a wee secret with you; the top astrologers in any geographical region have an elect body of members usually, though not always, named "the council". the members, representing all the major newspapers, are each allocated a "region" of the horoscope. each region represents a number of days. In the UK, Russel Grant has the "centre" (or "prime") region, which is as high as you can go.

each astrologer pitches his astrological finding on a date exactly central to his allotted "region", therefore ensuring that their horoscopes never overlap (at least, not significantly), and that they don't all go out of business. This is why one person will say "Oh! That So-and-So Astrologer is just "SPOT ON!", but that So-and-So Other Astrologer is always Totally Wrong, while a different person, with their birthday falling on a different part of the month, will disagree entirely. clever, huh.

if I get assassinated this week, you know who did it.

4. yes, I realize it's not magnetism, as such, more gravity, but you get the drift.

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