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When I first heard about all this SEO malarkey, as y'all know, I was intrigued. Was it really possible to get your own pages to the top of the search engine results, simply by making certain adjustments to the page contents, titles, anchors and what-not?

The answer is a resounding YES! Not only is it possible, it's easy! This sure is unabashed self-marketing, but the facts remain..

  • 25.05.04: corzblog bbcode parser gets a page to itself
  • 26.05.04: the content of the page gets my "seo treatment"
  • 02.06.04: (possibly before) corzblog bbcode parser is at the Google number one spot for my chosen keywords of "bbcode parser".

it's that easy.

Do I now want to go out and market my seo talents for cash? no. That fragile marketplace doesn't need my competition. Do I have the urge to write a short series of articles along the lines of "corz top ten tips for seo placement" or something like that? Yes! Though God only knows when.

It will probably be called "how to get a top google ranking with less than 4% keyword density", or "packing in keywords, take it to the extreme without taking the piss", or "it's more than keywords, the googlebot is cleverer than you think", or, well, something along those lines.

Oh, I did knock off the top, too, sorry guys, I had a point to make. I'll cut back a bit now, you guys need the traffic more than I do! heheh

for now..

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