mailing list error!


apologies to folks who thought they'd added their email address to my "odd mailing list". thanks to my super-clever-clogs update script, the onsite mailing list has been replaced with my local version! this contains email addresses like, and suchlike; my test list.

The script won't do it again, promise. *cough*

This is a brand new feature, and there were only a few addresses on the list, but if you were one of them, you'll need to add it again if you want to receive my (yet to be conceived, let alone created) "odd mailings".

other news: where was last night? perhaps my web host is trying to save me some bandwidth or something. Me and all the other sites on this server, including their own effin forum!

It is frustrating, looking at a dead server, knowing that with root access, you could have the whole thing up again in seconds. *grrr*. One day I'll host here at my workshop, but not today, or the next. Then downtime will be no one else's fault but my own, and the excuses far more interesting.

for now..

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