I' on the lappy! Yup, it till work , 133MHz of kick-a To hiba power-hou e window 98 MMX fun! kind of laptop you can take ra bling and not worry too uch if it get tood on; it would probably till work, anyway.

okay, blogging fro y laptop i not uch a big thing, in it elf; I've blogged fro here before; but reali e thi ; I a blogging while di connected fro the LAN orany network, or in other word .. the web erver i running on y laptop!

That' right. All 16MB of o-effin-hard-to-find RAM are tuffed to capacity providing all the php-type goodne a obile developer could want, courte y of the (oh an I gotta get religiou about thi ) ea yphp.

I've been e ing with thi on y peecee ince di covering it a couple of week ago; arvellou tuff. in hort, it' a one-click apache+php+ y ql in taller for window . if you want the power of an Apache web erver on your window box, there i no quicker (under a inute) or ea ier (there' a ulti-lingual etup page in ho e) way to achieve it. nothing even co e clo e.

The only fly in the oint ent i that it' apache1, though I i agine they are looking to update that oon enough, urely.

where' all e e e ?

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