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In many ways, this here blog is where I "come out". No, I'm not gay, it's deeper than that; sexuality's instinctive; this is spiritual. though while on the subject I think probably if you're horny enough, you wouldn't care much who owned the mouth. A free mind would be focused on the pleasure. I get a lot of pleasure out of this place.

I'm hacker, which is a state of mind, like heaven. it's not relevant, what work, what task is in hand, the hacker mentality is all-present, all-consuming. even washing dishes, it's there, this approach; sufficants, surface tension, heat, agitation; recipe for "perfect washed dishes" forming, perfecting, and then There's the stacking..

Rewind; ten years old, me with a cushie deal; family; I keep the Oric-1, in return, all I gotta do is keep their garden tidy for the summer while they're away. With the best intentions I said yes; I screamed it, and spent that summer with my nose six inches from a tiny monochrome monitor, coding.

Gardening? Yeah rrRight!

I've blissfully forgotten so very much more than I remember. There were paper-clips with wires on, poked into the Oric's RGB output Din socket thing, twisted together somewheres and fed to a simple SR-58 style coax fitting; or is SR-58 a microphone? smiley for :ehh: same as a cb-radio twig plug, anyway.. It worked; you could tell the difference between red and green on the mono screen. Five inch, corporate surplus1, worked great, but you wouldn't want to bang it.

Somewhere in my depths of memory, addresses, arcane fruity syntaxes mix, stacks and registers, screen resolutions, all jumble about and spark off each other, meld, god only knows how much of what I do stems from this back-end thought factory. The hacker mindset is applied all-over, even to spiritual matters, perhaps especially that.

A need to know, in the truest and purest sense of the word, I want to know. I want to know how, and I want to know why. There isn't yet an un-crackable man-made system, they can all be levelled, understood, mastered completely, in time. But there is an un-crackable God-Made system. And that is the real hacker challenge, for me.

I started young, and still am. data packe(d)ts with real bits, it's in some of my meta-tags. I aim to deliver on this, over time. There is a voyeuristic streak in you, you can endulge that a little here, watch.

More than half the computer users I've physically worked with don't realise that most software has an "undo" function. it's apple-z, or ctrl-z for intel-type keyboards. that's a fact. Even web browsers do it, even inside forms, like the one I'm blogging into right now. I just used it. I use undo a lot. Like "preview". One letter can make all the difference.

PL-259! och, something like that.

Undo empowers you. it allows you to go back in time, which only a few years ago was thought impossible. there ya go.

So much more is possible than we ever imagined. And computers are an important, a vital part of this. We need tools. So, all this complicated brain-work and invention we latterday humans have been up to, all this amazing technology, what's it really for? for technology's sake? for progress? just because we can?

We are practicing. Human beings practicing and mastering the things we learn, sharing these fruits with a now connected world; creating, distilling. Making Tools, and using them. A world bending its collective mind towards the truth of being, towards the nature of our Universe, towards God. Simple meat folks with big imaginations and bright ideas, asking big questions, and always needing better tools. Poems can be tools, too. Even zeros and ones can be juggled into being tools.

  zero and one,
  that's two useful digits.

The stuff up ahead is way beyond the capabilities of this meaty brain-machine we keep inside these skulls of ours, we'll need computers to help us, doing the bits we could, but won't, because we'll be leaving regular brain-functions behind for this one, calculation would only interfere where we're going.

Leave it to the computers! that's what they're here for! I'll be dropping memory functions for one, they tend to interfere. I rely on the Mac to remember birthdays and such. Let the local webserver handle the documentation, the archives; corzoogle locates!

Objective-C programmers say "… you don't learn objective-c, you look it up!". I'm like that with even the simplest things. If the instinctive mind can't just pick it up, then feck it! keep the data handy, it's all the same, it's right here; we'll be working elsewhere, perhaps with higher functions. today's software is quite capable of choosing thoughtful gifts for distant relatives, etcetera.

I'm a scout of a sort; not that I wear jumpers any more, let alone jumpers with badges on the sleeve, although I certainly did, and had a sewing badge, too, among others; yet another instance where longer arms would have been handy. But so very many of us play a scouting rôle on earth, in one field or another. I follow my nose in stereo, and listen that way too. I don't get lost much, anyway.

When the concept of attraction finally sunk into my brain, I didn't sleep for a week. same with attention, and transistor negative-feedback circuits, Pavlov's dogs, the sudo command, osmosis (though spread out over longer with osmosis, heh), so many things, so it goes..

Our children's mobile phones will make our current supercomputers look like Oric-1's; Toys. The functionality future folks require, the capacity, goes far beyond what we are only now beginning to imagine possible.

Not so far from now, a person, a woman will be virtually, digitally somewhere else, with a colleague perhaps, and she will be so there in that virtual space, that she will, for an instant, actually transfer to that space, there, leaning on the desk, right next to her partner. Neither are aware of the huge significance of this event, she simply suspects that the new TE-5000 virtual presence console really kicks ass, and probably looks forward to testing its adult features.

Some of us have been imagining these sorts of crazy things for a very long time, relatively speaking. And imagining a thing possible is, of course, the first and most crucial step in any real advance. it's a good thing science-fiction writers are better paid these days, that's all I'm saying.

I imagined the internet like the universe is; and computer the means to connect us with the world, with all known things, as brain connects us to mind, to the fabric of universe itself. The simplest stuff provides food for thought. Like, does the penguin species realise its earthly importance? You think maybe one day they'll be looking for royalties? Are they cool with Open-Source? Will future penguins get surgery to increase the size of their eyes? Food for thought.

Probably at some point in every person's existence it becomes obvious that thinking is a fairly dangerous thing to do, and best avoided unless completely necessary, or if you are very skilled in it, and even then you might want to close your eyes. Shit happens, you know.

But things take time "in the world", I mean; even quantum physics hasn't sunk in yet, en mass. Think about it. By the time relativity theory becomes collective subconscious, it'll be superceded! strings or whatever next. The half-life of software technology, and the hardware that runs it, is infintesimaly shorter.

Hackers work longer hours than theoretical physicists, that's for sure. anyways, promoting theories is far more challenging than coming up with the buggers.

Three different things, watch careful now..
  • early 90's dial-up surfing, [plug-in], IYEEEEE! hey! cool..
  • a sacred herb, ingestion, turmoil, kicks-in, journey..
  • life trauma, inner truth, self-mastery, evolution.. I AM!

prefix each statement with "desire".
and at the end place "greater functionality".

process all the same yes, but the effects stretched in and out of time, still the analogy holds, works. Even the smallest bits are packed with analogy, evolution, if we're watching, if we're tuned in. We each are changed, more every single day, some of us even chose the bits. We do all get that choice, though.

This computer screen you're gazing into; presuming this isn't a print-out; is a gateway, a metaphor for our very own brain-mind connexion with the reality of one-ness. It is the metaphor.

More than the tool which enables us, empowers and connects us; computers will free us from the slavery of mental chore, the grunt work involved in creation, in being, which is the real work. More and more there are wee computers everywhere, in your digi-cam, your car, in your fridge even, programmed to do more tasks for us, so we can be.

What used to take me a week-end, a week even in the darkroom, now takes minutes with a computer. okay the selenium toning is out, the print won't be "archival" shit! do I care? this data will outlast all your paper! I'll have the time, thanks, any day. So much of the time-eating part of creativity is like that now, quick, effortless.

My father; I mean my earthly father2; would have had a mighty task ahead of him publishing his raw or even well-crafted thoughts to potentially billions of people all-at-once, something I have just done with a few mouse-clicks. Pretty cool.

  I'm in the google cache.
  Is that like Fame?

Andy Worhol would shit himself if he saw a G5, but after that, the stuff he'd produce … makes ya think, huh. Everything's possible for us, and pretty effin soon, too.

All we need are the tools. And the hackers, as always, are working on these, working very very hard.

for now..

:o) The Writing Entity @


that monitor still works
2: who may well now be a bouncy five-year-old living joyfully somewhere, who knows? theysay suicide is painless, but they're wrong about that
3: some of them "simple users" with bloody insightful feedback. consider the statement.. "one man's passing thought, is another's burning obsession"

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