well, you know, it was the week-end! you didn't really think I was gonna spend it coding did ya! heh, actually, I did get some stuff done this morning, this..
corz distro machine v0.6.4.5

new: added "special link" capability to the source viewer page.

What this means is, instead of the "try out this script" link taking the user to the script itself, it can send them to a different link. I wanted this for my bbcode parser, instead of playing with the one in the scripts folder, I wanted to send folks to the cbparser demo page, which has user comments and stuff on it.

other scripts just won't work unless they are in a specific location, I'm thinking right now that I'll send users to the real rdf newsfeeds for my blog, for instance, instead of the blank page they'd get clicking the "try out this script" link from the source page. neat!

to use:

Simply add a [links] ini section at the end of your readme.txt (or whatever you call it) file, like this (from my "corz function library" folder)..

a growing collection of handy functions for php types

corzblog bbcode parser.php = /blog/inc/cbparser.php
email-hider.php =

; you can leave comments, too, underneath, with semicolons.

I invented the second entry to show that full, valid URL's are okay too, even linking to another site. I might link to a nuke installation that uses my nuke-rss script, for instance.

you can enter special links for all, or any, or none of your source files. if There's no entry, the "try out" link leads to the source file itself, as usual.

hmm: I used to use readme.html files for apache raw directories, which override the readme.txt files (used by the distro machine), but now I just leave the readme.txt file itself in the folder, and the raw directory viewer..

shows the preformatted distro machine message, along with the [links] section underneath. cool. most users will figure out that these are links that relate in some way to the scripts they "=" equal!

This also goes down in history as being the first time I conceived, coded and tested a feature in one of my distros and *it just worked*. I even remembered all my semicolons! heh

  to need no debugging
  is coding heaven

fix: following the "back to the source menu" link at the foot of the source-viewer pages now takes you back to the section you were in, as opposed to the main menu. that was poor gui.

fix: the slashes thing in the source viewer, maybe last time I broke, rather than fixed this. I put it back, anyhow. If I find the file source that originally led me to believe there was a bug in the first place, I may delve more deeply into it.

in short, sometimes the php source highlighting function adds slashes where there should be none, or else removes them where they should remain. it's all my fault, of course, and another good reason why users should click the download link rather than copy-and-paste the source from the pages, which I'm fairly sure everyone does, so no harm done.

the reason this version info entry is so long is because I have decided to start putting all my entries into my blog, keep folks up-to-date. or will do, when I'm finished this.

oh, I am!

so there you go.

It would seem logical to have a separate blog for this sort of thing, but I reckon that might spoil the fun a bit, I mean, it's all tech isn't it, and all interconnected in a cor sort of way, If you know what I mean.

I spent a good half-hour last night arguing with someone about fat. This was more than amusing, not least of which because we were both arguing about completely different substances, and both entirely correct. I suspect this sort of thing goes on within the confines of my own thinking processes, too, and often the illumination; and that word needs a blog in itself, no shit; comes from the least expected places..

The real challenge comes in maintaining your position once you realise what has happened, because, well, it's a fun argument. I suspect dudes like Plato; who made their livings standing around all day arguing; came up with their best stuff whilst doing simple things like their shopping list (slaves), or perhaps during seemingly unconnected ramblings to lovers (slaves) and relatives (slaves again).

I don't get to stand around all day arguing, just short bursts here and there, and generally for free, too. Like here, of course, where I can argue with myself all I like. And Version Histories, where the strands of development come together into a better and better product, better software, a better world. Writing stories is important. Making Notes.

There can never be enough distilled, well-written notes. They help us to understand things, especially our own things, help us to see problems back at their source, to see our errors, doing stuff the wrong way just long enough to realise how to do it the right way, or rather; a better way. They allow others to trace the evolution of a thing, which can be in itself entertaining, illuminating, like watching good careers can be. We can learn from others mistakes like this.

And so it is with points of view; opinions. I find it's fun sometimes, though perhaps a little shitty, to argue the polar opposite of your own point of view, particularly with someone who feels the exact same way as you do about something, and passionately. good practice. worst that can happen, they consider you an utter moron, unless of course you end up changing both your points of view, then good on ya! smiley for :lol:

ahhh… I'd keep a back-up1 if you jump on today's distro machine upgrade, I'm a wee bit scattered today, you could tell, right? my memory seems to have bits missing. och well.

I suspect in the not-too-distant future we'll be looking to record every little single thing we do, our computers skimming the data for good bits, like that daft song you were singing in the shower the other day, or that world-shattering thought you drifted off to sleep with …

until then, I'll keep notes, and drop 'em willy-nilly right here. en-joy!

for now..

:o) The Writing Entity @


of course I'm kidding, this is a good upgrade!

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