that was, of course, the point at which I realised that I must have, at some stage, introduced a weird bug into cbparser. All the "s" and "m" characters were being removed. weird huh? A thing I'd started, but that was as far as I got. Apologies if you downloaded the bbcode parser last night.

I take liberties with my own site, I know. Even the distro machine is the cutting-edge beta. But then, how better to test stuff?

See, I often get called away in the middle of things. My standard procedure is to save everything, and just do a few apple-z manouevers on return so I'll figure what I was doing, where I was at, continue. This time however, when I returned, my guest had thoughtfully closed all the BBEdit windows, because they were, I quote, "cluttering up the desktop". She's right, clutter is bad.

And the moral is; when you leave a mac alone with someone, LOG OUT! Macs are just too irresistable, even this old Rev D's very curves say "play with me", and now with exposé, it means even infants can't resist uncluttering things for you. Hot corners, very convenient, yes.

In truth, I just forgot about that wee edit when I ran my website-sync, and BANG! you got my latest s&m-less version. What was I saying about it being an adult parser?…

Anyway, for those not wearing their babelfishes, the blog underneath means..
  • I got Apache/php running on my old Lappy
  • It rocks

If you're a windows user desiring the power of the mighty Apache webserver for yourself, but don't know where to start, easyphp is simply the best thing since sliced-bread. When the french dudes responsible for this incredible package get around to making it Apache2, you will be in win32 http heaven.

A few seconds, a couple of click, and BANG! you've got an Apache/php/mysql web server ready to do your bidding; run you blogs, search your archives, run your image galleries, stream your MP3's, share your files, whatever. If you develop web pages yourself on windows, this is a must. Like all good open-source packages, it is free1.

Unless you're french (and my blog translation does get a few French hits, so you might be!) you'll need to set the language prefs to your own language. I used it in french for a couple of days before I realised there was a pref for this. I don't use the easyphp system tray menu, though it is rather good.

Importantly I note, apache/php runs on a 133MHz Intel one MMX processor running Windows98se with 16MB ram, along with my textpad and FastBrowser (6 tabs). nae bad, though it is a highly tweaked system. Whole lotta paging going on, though. If anyone has ram chips to fit a Toshiba satellite 440, do contact me! yes today!

The subject of the ABSOLUTELY FREE easyphp will crop up again.

okay, that's it. I keep having to pop in and out tonight, so if you spot any weird things onsite; apart from my text, that is; feel free to clutter my inbox! Always that.

for now..

:o) The Writing Entity @ corz.org

ps.. no, this isn't my way of saying I dig "s&m". Though the boots are pretty cool smiley for :D


no, of course this isn't a veiled reference to Sokkit, that win32 apache/php installer thing that is similar to easyphp but is, amazingly, PAYWARE. that's right, take a few free open-source free distros, put a useless gui on the front to do the oh-so-difficult task of editing your conf files for you, throw together an installer, and CHARGE FOR IT!
2: so, okay, it was a veiled reference to the pointlessly expensive sokkit. so sue me!
3: note: I do an "edit your server configs" service, only one hundred bucks, mail me if you're interested. smiley for :geek:

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