Stop Taking The Piss!

Listen here you leeching fuck-pigs! Yeah You! One of the (at least) six corzblog users whom my growing network of spies has grassed-off in the last week for running corzblog with all the links removed. no, I haven't contacted you; I'm waiting for you to get your act together.

Do you think I just tossed this off over lunch-break? No! This software represents hundreds of hours of my time and continued effort, which I give to you for FREE. And all I ask in return is that you leave a link to my site somewhere. you'd think I was asking for blood, you parasitic cunt.

it's not just coding, it's everything. Was I blindfolded writing this? No! I'm not just getting the code right, I'm thinking about YOU! From the smallest widget to the longest help-file, poring over the layout, the words and grammar; is it clear? will language translators handle it okay? will it still make sense? will one control logically flow into another? can it be made clearer? this is a surface scratch on my development process. And all FOR YOU! I think, and I CARE! Which many developers do not; an example..

If a system file is removed from Windows XP, a dialog pops up informing you that a file has been removed and, if you have deleted your system cache (hell yes!) asking if you would kindly insert the XP CD to replace it, as a backup cannot be found. so far so good.

And we wonder, "What file?", "Is it a version crisis?", "is the replacement an newer one?", "is it just gone?", "is it just a date issue?", "has it been corrupted?", "a virus?", loads of questions. Ahh! but there is a button entitled "More Information", so we click it..

..and does it give us all the information we need? no. it goes on to explain how maybe I've inserted the wrong XP CD! hahah! I burst out laughing when I first saw that. Like when I realised that to shutdown a windows machine, I would have to go to the "start" menu!

You just don't get shit like that in my stuff. I spend a good third of my development time conceiving, testing, and implementing better, more understandable and helpful controls.

You think I give a shit if the controls have meaningful names and helpful pop-up tips? I know what all the buttons mean! I FUCKING CREATED THEM!!

I even wrote my own web browser (okay, not a major task with WebKit, I know) that always opens at 800x600 so I can instantly check how a page will look for small-screen users. I'm SERIOUS!

And that goes for all my stuff. I spent my afternoon off a few weeks back, making corzoogle super-easy to customise for your own site, removing the hard-coding and making everything user-variable. Now it's so bloody easy that folks just go all the way and customise out my links while they're at it! You are Fucking Vermin!

okay, maybe not them all, but that's just a question of time.

Some otherwise respectable looking folks are at it, too. One corzoogle user advertises himself as a php developer! so develop your own fucking search engine and stop ripping off mine you twat! Apparently the soon-to-be-released new version of his CMS comes with a "cool, fast site-search facility". oh really? like the one on your own site? *grrr*.

So, am I pulling all my software from public distribution?
nah, don't be silly.

Am I going to obfuscate all my code so no one can mess with it?
nah, how's that gonna help noobie programmers? I do the opposite.

No, I'm just gonna keep on making my shit better, that's what I'm gonna do; I understand Karma well enough. Arse!

And yeah, maybe have the occasional rant.
Ahh, I feel much better.

for now..

:o) The Writing Entity @

ps.. oh right, license fee in the post; fair enough. an image

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