it's been a long week, financially speaking; the savings from my last burst of "real-world" work didn't last nearly as long as I'd hoped. I blame my esspresso addiction. "Internet Developer" I tell the check-out girls when they gaze at all those tins. "Hey! I don't drink it all myself", I tell them, but sometimes I do.

I got some supplies in today. Halleluya!

I'm toying with the idea of micro payments, like a buck per download, or something. I'd have made a few hundred bucks this month, which would have saved me having to eat yet another pair of perfectly good boots. Och, winter's ages away yet, and they were, in fact, tastier than I expected. But that's the Lea&Perrins done! I'll maybe add a (big) bottle to my wish-list -cum- software-license.

Expect less software updates over the next few months; not that I'll be abandoning any of my packages, far from it. I use them all myself, so if something needs fixed, or just needs work, I'll do it, because I like things to be "just so". I will also be making time for all user suggestions, as is my wont. But this will probably be the last weekend I get to "code like a bastard" for quite some time; I got in a couple of extra tins of esspresso, anyway.

  not enough hours in the day?
  then put more in!™

I slept a full eight hours last night, I must have needed to catch up. Makes yer head dull, though, over-sleeping like that. Thank God (and the monks, and the sheep, of course) for coffee! Until it runs out, that is.

I mean, eating boots is one thing, but drinking instant coffee is quite another. I will not go there, so I guess it's back to prostitution for me.

for now..

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