Hey! You! Rich Person!

If you're poor, or scraping by, or Just Over Broke, or thereabouts, you'll probably want to skip this shameless scrounge and scroll down to the fisherman story, mind-blowing stuff. This blog is for someone special in the future who just happens across this blog, and just happens to be bloody loaded! and perhaps looking to make a difference in the world..

This is for you, rich person, yeah you! I mean, you've got money to burn. that's pretty cool, good on ya, I don't even know your name. Right, here's the deal; just before you throw your next pile of notes on the fire, you gotta do something for me; consider this..

I live in the slums. I mean, it's my own fault, I moved here, came on a mission, sort of, and learned that some things take time, and of course, money.

Not to mention a lot of work. As well as all you see here at corz.org, I work locally, fixing things, puters, repairing, help and training, all sorts of things. just whatever's needed at the time.

But most folks around here can't even afford fruit&veg, let alone tech support, so I tend to work for peanuts, or nothing, which is just as well because sometimes that's exactly what I have to live on, heh.

When it gets dire, I do commercial work, which generally sucks, and steals time away from my real work, both here and in my community. Those gaps in my blog? yup, mostly.

Fact one: When you are addicted to heroin, even your child's most basic needs take a back seat. Their need to access technology and the internet is possibly somewhere in the boot, the trailer maybe.

Fact two: if you ask an addict what it was that got them back on Heroin (because they've all tried to get off it at some point), they will tell you..

  I was bored

After spending some time here I think I see more clearly what needs to be done, and how these things might be done, my part in it all. Computers can help with this. You can help with this.

I've come to realise, too, that this place has a sort of force-field around it, money doesn't get in or out much, except probably for drugs. I believe the internet can change that, and not just about this place; it's a massive job.

No amount of time, effort, or money would ever be enough; it's a combination of all three things, and a whole lot more besides; challenging, fun, rewarding, thankless work that I'll just get on with regardless, but a nice pile of cash sure would accelerate things, you know. I think you get the picture.

STOP! don't burn them! Send them to me! I'll put every penny to good use, and still wear second-hand shoes, get a pang about even buying a beer for myself, though if you're really well-heeled, none at all about accepting a new AppleMac.

  G5, ta.

It'll do a lot more good than you would sending bags of sugar to the third world, that's for sure.

okay, you know the score.
don't burn it, send it to me.

for now..

:o) The Writing Entity @ corz.org

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