and then there was chat..

it's been a mad week, but I still found time, mostly in the mornings, to throw together a real-time chat system for the site. When I got more time, yesterday, I transformed it into something pretty damned good.

But don't take my word for it, click the link! it's under my (subtle) smiley in the top-right of most of these here pages, next to the printer icon. There's no fancy pop-up info, but there is a cool pop-up chat window!

Login with a nickname and away you go! If you do that in the early evenings (BST) you might just find me hanging around (I can do that you see, other users "drop-off" after three minutes (at least, I think I set that pref to three minutes, it may still be 30 seconds from my testing at home). If you drop in, do say hi! Of course I'll answer your tech questions! *sigh*

it's still full of bugs, of course, but does mostly everything I needed, and much more, even has flood-protection, just try it! You'll need javascript enbled to use it (to even load it), so if you are one of those paraoid sorts with javascript disabled, great! means I won't have to have long conversations with you about "the establishment" *phew*. The rest of us can enjoy real live chat! Once I clear the logs and what-not, I'll zip it up, and drop it into the beta folder so you guys can play with it at home/on your site/wherever.

I like it! it's just like IRC, except without the "R". Get this, you can even use bbcode in it! Aye! Gotta make cbparser work for its living, though note; the css for the chat is still in the early stages.

Feel free to mess about, and, of course, report your findings back to me! okay, that's it, maybe see you in the chat!

for now..

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