more updates

ahh, but I didn't stop there.

it's kind of a standard coffee-break activity for me, messing about with my various packages and distributions. A couple of recent "panther updates"..


This still works fine in Panther, but the gui is a wee bit messed up. My fault entirely. Anyways, I've updated it to be sweet and cool on Panther, and you can grab the latest version on the pseudo page . I've updated the pic on that page too, so you can see how neat it looks before you download it. The main soft index (and pseudo tricks page) still has the old image, so you can compare.

camino tab controller

This was always just a silly hack, more a wee beginner's lesson in Interface Builder than anything else, but amazingly some folks do use it, I know, I had emails along the lines of "it's broke". So it's fixed. I mean sheesh! How hard would it have been to do it yourself eh? heheh

it's here, without an updated pic this time, cuz it looks pretty much identical to the old one.


I'll get round to this pretty soon. The old version still works fine, but the new xcode tools turn out a smaller, faster binary that you really do want. GREAT NEWS! Darkstat now compiles in OS X without any messing about, so long as you have the dev tools. If you really can't wait for me to get the new package together (There's a fair bit of text and stuff needs updating too) then simply compile yer own! and drop it into /usr/local/bin, replacing the old one.

don't forget the colours! (www.c)

that'll do,
for now..

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