work work work

This week basically evaporated.

Somewhere up there there is probably a cloud, a large cloud with all the days and weeks that have gone like that. One day it may rain, and we'll all get a chance to catch up.

In between the madness and malarkey, I've been "coding like a bastard" which is a play on "writing like a bastard", a small but perfectly formed booklet of poetry by Alison Kermack. I like to think that my coding projects share some of these qualities.

Alas, my main project must be, for now, completely secret, which is frustrating to say the least; I'm dying to tell you all about it, how it's changed my working life, and before it's even complete. All in good time. Meanwhile observant folks will have spotted small but significant alterations to this very site.

There's the speedy gonzales timer, for starters, which happily tells you how fast this server is, and that "comments thing" I have on the Amazing 2-Drive iMac page has been totally rewritten (the previous version someone else did for me, before I leaped into this PHP business). Anyways, I'm happy with it now! Expect to see this sort of functionality spreading over the entire site, probably in one big upload, not today1, but..



oh, well next week I'll have broadband again (applause). After my old ISP finally saw the error of their ways and released my line back into the free market. Hopefully all should be superdooper 24/7 fasterthanthespeedofdialupX10 by Monday, but with these things, nothing is ever certain.

Truth is, I quite enjoy evaporation,
which is why I won't be holding my breath.

for now..

:o) The Writing Entity @


och well, you know, it's hard to resist. hope you like the reorganisation, and the cool new front page!

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