utf-8 NO BOM!!!

Since I went unicode I've been in text-editing heaven.

π <-- unencoded entity

Can you see it? it's a pi symbol

With plain old ASCII *spit* I would need to write that as &pi; for you to see it. And most of these "html encodings" are way more difficult to remember than little ole "pi".

For instance, what's &#8710; ?

Unicode takes care of all this and much more besides. You just type weird shit straight in, and ∆'s yer uncle from Gamma9, or Timbuktu, or wherever, it's like getting all the languages of the world into a group hug. Pity about most of the planet's keyboards1, though.

heh, with a large grin on my face, I realise that if I edit this blog now, all these ugly & entities will be miraculously encoded into real unicode characters in my edit field! joy of joys of open standards! You can't win this Bill! Give up! hahahah

:o) The Writing Entity @ corz.org


mac users can enter extended symbols with ridiculous ease, peecee users will find the charmap utility useful. corzblog users may utilise the growing pop-up menu in the add/edit pages.. (or is it a drop-down menu?)

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