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I got carried away..

Let's be clear about one thing; I am not a perfectionist. I realised a very long time ago that man just isn't capable of such things, that being the realm of nature, of God. (as if I haven't mentioned this before, in many languages, the word "nature" and the word "God", are the same word). Having said that, I do like to make things "as good as they can be", and that applies to pretty much everything I do, including this corzblog thing.

We are squarely into "corzblog2" now, something vastly superior to the old system, and yet, very much the same, sort of more. Although the available source is, at the time of writing, still version 1.6.1 (if I don't get the new package together tonight then tomorrow for sure), the live version (which you are reading now) has for the last couple of days been evolving into corzblog2, son of corzblog.

Last night I uploaded the new system in its entirety, and it sure did warm the binary functions of my heart to see, on refreshing the page, not one pixel even moved. ahhhh.

Scroll down a bit however, and things have changed. Hover your mouse over the "Archives" menu, for starters. Now, how cute is that! Click the "edit a blog" link, and see (at last) fully automated blog archiving! (bugging me about stuff really does work, see!)

Most of the changes have been internal. I'll sift through the code now and remind myself what's new..
whole new display system: everything now runs from "index.php", this has made lots of other things possible.

improved preferences:
everything is in one single "config.php" file.

many more aspects of the system can now be customised

added support for non-root installs

(i.e.. as opposed to just though I still recommend you spend eight bucks and get yourself a domain!

added support for windows web servers *sigh*

rdf/rss 1.0 newsfeed. this is in addition to the old style rss 0.9.1 feed, and offers improved capabilities for today's news aggregators.

Automatic archiving! At the end of the month you can have corzblog archive you blogs for you, and they will instantly show up in the cute archive menu. note: because of the new internals, your archives look just as good as your current blog, images and all!

There's other stuff too, but you get the idea; all new and improved, etc.

You may have also noticed that There's now a "printer friendly version" facility on this site, and although you can use that to get print versions of this blog, it's part of the site, not corzblog, though I may do something similar for the corzblog distributions, if anyone asks me to.

okay, session over-

for now..

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