internet explorer 5

okayokay it's fixed!

Note to self: never mix "px" and "%" values in a CSS statement. that's valid isn't it?

Wonderful stuff CSS, and still suspiciously absent from so many sites; like DOCTYPE and text encoding meta data. Oh let's not get started on text encoding again.

This would probably get past most parental gestapo censorship software..


But you know what I mean.

Next thing you know I'll be coding in effin NOSCRIPT tags for all those paranoid-schizophrenic non-javascript surfers. Did you know that it's possible to load a javascript on a user's machine that returns the real IP of that machine back to the websever? Regardless of the proxy he or she is surfing through. Well now you do. Oh damn! STOP! JAVASCRIPT IS GOOOOOOD!

I have a news-clipping1 of an article from a very, if not well respected, then at least well read weekly journal that states quite categorically that "hackers" (and one day I will come to terms with the way that word is misused and abused, but not today), HACKERS, from anywhere in the world can send you an e-mail attachment that can instantly alter the chemistry of your CPU, effectively turning it into a bomb, which would then, of course, explode.

Of course, most of us have filters for that sort of thing, apart (and this loops around so beautifully it's like I thought it up) from the internet explorer 5 users, who really should get an upgrade, you know.

:o) The Writing Entity @

ps.. Let them see pickled babies I say! Pickled! (photo withheld)


all totally true, of course..
weekly news clipping - hackers can detonate your peecee from afar *sigh*

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