erm.. HOORAY!

I think it was all the excitement.

Okay, I'm fairly certain that purchasing a domain shouldn't affect any domains one already owns, but there I was, redirected to corz.webexpo.org1 for some 8 hours or so, until all the world's nameservers caught up again. A ghost in my old DNS settings, perhaps. Go godaddy go!

I love godaddy! okay, not love, but over the last half year or so I've gained a deep respect for this company, and it's quite incredible level of service, or perhaps I should say service:cost ratio. Where else can you get once-in-a-lifetime real-estate for $6.99? (pity about their so-called PayPal payments - fools! -ed)

Which brings me neatly to my announcement..


Yes, this is what I was up to last week, well, the coding bits of last week anyhow. Usual story, I needed something - looked all over - nothing fitted the bill - I rolled up my sleeves.

What we have now is a pretty cool tool; it's sure revolutionised my working environment for starters; and very soon I'll release the source, so you can run this baby at home!

In the meantime, for you select and growing band of corzblog readers, a preview of the new domain, and the new technology; my second php project. have fun.. - a search engine for your website or personal archives

/me bows

It redirects to the corzoogle engine running on this site, for now, so you can search all my documents to your heart's content.

that's about it for now. gotta say an extra big thanks to rose (aka tokyorose) for her help last night. five minutes with rose always restores my faith in humanity.

happy corzoogling!

for now..

:o) The Writing Entity @


you know the fuçkers didn't even leave a redirect when they tore down my old place, which breaks internet law, as you will be aware. Google top ranking to exactly nowhere in one fell swoop. thanks guys! I'll enjoy climbing back to the top, for sure.

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