dark stats

I guess I should mention that I put together a new package installer for darkstat at the weekend.

The new Panther XCode tools turn out a smaller, faster binary, and if you are an old Darkstat user, I definitely recommend you upgrade to this latest version.

This has been a popular package, especially since Macupdate and Versiontracker (hot-linking fü©ké®z!) got wind of it (eventually), and I'm happy to announce a fully clickable OS X installer for Darkstat 2.6, the end of the line for Darkstat 2.

Work on Darkstat 3 had already begun (when Emil has time), and I'll try to keep you up to date with how that's coming along. Most importantly, it no longer uses pthreads - which will be fairly meaningless to most folks, I know - so we're going to be looking at an even faster and more efficient app when it's all done.

can't stop.
for now..

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