It started early, I mean in realtime.

We'd hired a van for the day, a big Luton, the idea being to cram the entire contents of the house into this thing, move in one go. It was an exchange you see, timing is critical.

I decided to start my weekend on Friday, this way I could do it in my freetime and generally take it easy. It ended up being a lesuirely day, and that original plan so very very nearly got real. Trip two involved no more than a few items for the tip, and a desk. Yes, no one spotted the desk, it's only six feet after all, a computer desk.

Even rush hour on trip two didn't phase me, coltrane on the radio, koop, my brother-in-law leaving his phone behind, a rare thing, so the calls weren't our concern. It ended in dark night, Karma rolled up on the wide passenger seat, just us and the van again, the two families swapped out like ram chips, home to bed, to sleep and to heal. I do this for non-family too, I seem to enjoy it somehow. Moving.

Do you remember the last time you moved? Yes of course you do. Did you get the new start you promised yourself? Did you really move? Or just your possessions? Is your life just going round and round, new faces, same dramas, or is it really a nice spiral? Somehow, when folks are looking for that box with "bathroom" on it in red felt tip and the cat, and suchlike, I'm pondering things like this.

Will folks be explaining the move to the plants and pets?.. Is the chi favourable in the new home?.. Where is the moon?.. Is there old dirt there?.. Well, the women usually consider that one too, but quite probably in an entirely different light; bright and close, and with rubber gloves on.

The last time I moved, I remember well standing in the centre of my biggest room, bare feet on the floorboards, arms spread like Tim Robbins after crawling that mile of sewage, dropping in a fresh stream, bathed in the moonlight, declaring..


..reeling in all the bits I wanted to take, and leaving behind the rest. I did other stuff too, but it's probably best not to delve too deeply into that, you can make up your own rituals well enough.

Muscles tired and aching, I slip into an early bed, and just then get a call from old friends. An invite for the following day, okay dokie, and off to sleep, relaxing.. looking forward to the morning already.

As I drift to sleep, these words dart around my mind, I pop them into the nearest object..

Possessions are easy,
you label them and lift them, move them and set them down.

The hard part is the people, deciding
which ones go,
which ones stick around.

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