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Someone on my local forum is suffering, lost something, a thing commonly lost, it seems; friend of mine woke me up the other day with the very same complaint! "Creative Block!" (aka "The CeeBee's"). "What do you expect me to do about it?", I asked, more to the coffee machine. We ended up munching sunflower sprouts and moshing to Incubus in full lotus. That shape I drew on the carpet is still there (that's what chalk was really invented for, you knew that?) it was circles within circles, and another line..

But that doesn't mean I forgotten my virtual peeps! No! You'll need to sprout your own sunflower seeds (soak for a few hours, rinse, and put somewhere warm, eat within two days) and procure your own Incubus (Their Lollapalooza gig is fine, loud), but below you'll find the kind of tech that rarely gets into a blog, mind tech! Prepare to suspend you disbelief and maybe even do the snake..

The CeeBee's

To understand "creative block", you have to understand creativity. What is it? Where does it come from? Good questions, and likely to be the subject of debate for eons yet, but I'll cut to the tech..

The human mind operates on three distinct levels, they overlap and interact infinitely, but nevertheless it's useful to split them like this.

Instinctive Mind: All animals and plants possess this, in fact all living things. In humans it controls stuff like breathing and respiration. Some humans operate almost entirely on this level, only getting brief "flashes" of intellectual reasoning. You might say this is where habits live. It can learn too, driving is, for most, a function of the instinctive mind, once it has been trained to do this, by the..

Intellectual Mind: Animals and plants possess this in varying levels, dogs and cats obviously so, though many other forms of life on earth too. In humans it has achieved one the highest levels of action. This is where most of us do our work, live and enjoy most of our life, pondering and considering and ultimately deciding our reality. Occasionally, even the dullest sorts will get flashes of..

Creative (Spiritual) Mind: Some will get more than flashes. Others still, after perhaps lifetimes of work and dedication, will live their life almost entirely in this plane. That intellectual mind can be trained just like the animal part, and will gladly walk through the most demanding task, allowing our thoughts to operate at this third, and highest level. Events and situations once baffling to the brain, are guided, automatic.

I see at the centre of my self a divine and brilliant light. This is a commonly yogic approach. This light is a pure point of creative brightness, a spiritual light, connected to all matter, all living things, to infinity itself. It is continually pouring out this infinite energy like a Sun pours light and heat and radiation into the solar system and beyond.

Moving away from this centre, the ether becomes less fine, there is evidence of a series of layers, the thinnest of materials, a near invisible muslim, and so it goes.. to thicker and coarser material as the layers pile on but still, more dimly from here sure, the light burns. I'm speaking about my consciousness.

it's not an even process, this density, there are patches where the light seems fairly bright, you find combinations of particular thought and action take you there, you sense the higher vibrations, you feel your mind washed with a luminesance, vision is clear, thoughts unfettered by the coarse and mundane. This is why "getting close to nature" is so effective. it's no mistake that in many languages the word "Nature" and the word "God", are the same word.

At these points the "light" of creativity interacts with the intellectual mind, our thoughts; connexions spark, answers and direction come, creativity, insight, genius, call it what you like. The term "illumination" is worth pondering. After some time we can bring the Zen window to the front to wipe some dirt from the mirror, so to speak, a lesson learned perhaps, a breakthrough, apple-tab back and some density, a thin wrapping, some blockage is removed. The light is more all over now, and so it goes, closer and closer, no longer being creative, but a creative being.. I should have ended with that maybe, huh? The image works well in two dimensions too, a snaking spiral our path towards the centre.

That "spark" is always there. The "blockages" are just that. Channels can be punched in, but the gradual clearing process is done chiefly with the intellect, more and more guided by the higher, creative, mind. Something as simple as Bowen therapy, or just learning to completely relax for once, could revolutionise your whole creative process. As could seeing something for once from the other side, something you really believe in.

Maybe digging a hole, or knitting a scarf, hugging trees or making love will do it for you, only you know. Exploration is inevitable. I'll wager the exploring itself is valuable. Allow one day a week to be guided by "signs".

More to come in corz yogi training course!!!

In part two you will find out how to:
Breath Creativity ..
A guide in to electrifying your creative the process!

Remove habitual thinking (repetitive mental contracts)..
Clear space for creativity process!!

Eat and Be Art..
Nutritional tricks will super-pow-blast creative juices!!!
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