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A bulletin board must be the best place in the world to disagree, don't you think? Live enough for blood to boil, then time, to edit and review, formulate and focus your thoughts, see the fool in yourself, very much like a blog, except here no one gets to disagree.

I like that about blogging. You don't have to consider someone replying, you can rant to the general internet, the world at large. There's a physics at work I guess, nothing is wasted. Me stringing these words together feels like the beginning of something else, the effects of which I don't even try to guess, I wouldn't get odds. The next paragraph seems absurd, There's still time to leave, you know.

A Ducks Quack doesn't echo, straight up*. One day someone might find out why, research it, there has to be an explanation, right? Add one day you'll be reading this very text, are; might be today for me too. it's been a good day. Yes? Maths.

Earlier we yapped about movies, Memento, Revolution OS, Pi. I moved to ex-preacher mode for this, a game in which I usually take two turns. *wink* Blog to the Log I do, the weblob thing is all new to me, I'll maybe sort out some re-runs..

IRC, earlier..
-c- I'm calmer about BB now
-c- I don't mind if it just trickles chat
-r- u got used to it?
-c- I'm cool with gentle streams
-r- taking it for granted now huh?
-c- that's the way it should be
-r- it would be great if it were faster tho
-r- like in the case of d/l!
-c- one day there'll be no sensation of data *moving*, it will simply *be there*
-r- i just hope i live to see the day
-c- children will find the idea of a progress bar quaint
-r- spoilt brats!
-c- only scientists working on astronomical numbers will know CPU delay
-r- well i hope the day comes soon, coz I'll be signing up for it!

We'll be alive for that. Exciting isn't it. And maybe much much more. We might yet discover how to live very long indeed. I might show you how to eat and breath, and to relax. How to sup water so it works like raw electric through your nerves, or it might be someone else. The data on the wires is invisible you see, to the naked eye, we need science to see it, Big Science. Maybe we're gonna step out of our second stone age.

The spanning makes a pretty map. It'll all go fuzz in the end I suppose, more likely a lot sooner, we'll need a 3D map, at least, and a way to view it. Someone is working on this, of course.

I sometimes wonder about my part in all this, the years of ducking and diving in and out of ongoing projects, imagining my input vital and effective, waiting only for the impact-noise, moving on. I'm rarely needed beyond that, and it's quite fun. A quick nick change..

Webexpo was the first place I considered hanging around. Of course it was the warez back then that drew us all in. A pirate haven, local laws meets worldwide web. The net always a step ahead of the lawyers and law makers, sometimes two steps.

No, it wasn't the free software, though I sure appreciated some of that, but the kin. When the warez left, that remained. Inside that busy hive a mostly weird bunch of individuals, a crew of creative mac users, exploring, poking fun at each other, and at themselves, ourselves. The impact noise became a hum, a tone, a song.

And this time, I wasn't the only one singing.

:o) The Writing Entity @ corz.org

Okay, that's a myth, but still, a pretty believable one!

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