web site sync, sync, sync, sync...

The Linux version of the website sync package got a fairly large upgrade yesterday. Not so much in the scripts, which works superbly still, but in the "built-in tutorial" you get when you launch the tool with ?showscript=true.

I though it was about time I addressed the questions I've had about it (the downside of good SEO!), namely; "Can I run this from Windows?" (yes), and "Is there any way to make the ftp scripts more secure?" (yes). Hopefully the all-new built-in tutorial will make everything clear. If not; hate-mail to the usual address.

Actually, I spent hours on it, so don't bother! It's a truly handy little system, and one I use every day, often many many times a day; and yes; I do it all from Windows, with a little help from the usual suspects; EditPlus, FireFox, and Putty. Almost a holy trinity.

Oh, you meant, "Can I run it with only a Windows box?"
No, of course not, it's for Linux! smiley for :roll:

And lastly, "Is a Windows-only version planned?".

Erm, not really; though it does sound like one of those wee jobs one would "get a kick to do" on a Monday afternoon, so you never know… But I wouldn't hold my breath.

for now..


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