Oh My God! Someone actually reads the devblog! smiley for :lol: Good, because it's gonna get juicy in two oh oh six, methinks. Not one, but THREE suggested methods of making text into HTML, but guys! To a man, you miss the point - because, cunningly, I didn't offer it..

It needs to *know* what bits are what.

You can't do this with CSS, or simple includes, can you? Hmm. maybe. Feel free to offer specifics. Rake about onsite, too, there's alreasy a text viewer that makes a pretty neat job of any old text document, highlighting and all.

Maybe I'll add comments to the devblog, Lord knows I've had enough requests to add it to the corzblog release, hmm, underneath the blogs themselves, like those pages with comments on the main site, the ones the spammers love so much - Hey! You keep buying the domains dudes! I'll just keep adding them to my spammers list!

And more; with the magic of php, I'm going to do a spammers page, very like my ip page. Mainly because the list is getting too long to be a simple preference inside the bbcode parser*..

'', 'carmen-electra', 'angelina-jolie', 'justin-timberlake', 'dish-network', 'missy-elliott', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', 'casino poker black jack', 'Nice design, good work !', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', ''

See what I mean? It needs a place of its own.

The bbcode parser, or perhaps the comment engine itself, will read this list and use it to prevent spamming, per spec, but also it will present this list as an HTML page. This page is for the spam-bots to chew on, and with php I will have it present their evil domain names as clickable email addresses. smiley for :ken:

When the criminals are mastering the technology, you owe it to all good people to bloody well keep up! Well, that's one opinion, anyway.

So, where was I? Ah, yes, the text to html device would know, for instance, that the first line was the "title", and would give it a different style. There are other possibilities, of course.

for now..


ps.. yup, I finally got the to the .org, looks alright, huh. The old (white) pages will vanish over time, being replaced by these swell orange chats. Internet Explorer users, what can I say, I'll maybe have another look at the code, another day smiley for :lol: Get Firefox, will ye!


text to html


I need a way to grab a poem and put it on the front page.

I might do my dev notes here, would you like that?

There's no space for a blog title. I'm not quite finished the bbcode parser. I'm keeping it to myself, yes. xhtml is special, you know it is. Okay, fixed.

I need a way to grab a poem and put it on the front page. Did I say that already? That's what I mean. Just grab the plain text and make it html.

It's like cbparser, the bbcode parser gone live on us.

That's all it will be.
Have you any idea how easy this will be in php?


Oh Dear

Since starting work on , I started to become acutely aware of something called "standards", not quality standards, but W3C standards, standards HTML markup, that sort of thing. It was downloading Opera that started it, not that it's "interpretation" of CSS2 is going to teach me anything!

My old method of testing stuff basically involved loading it in every browser I had and seeing if it worked. In the main this is a good system, and it's one I still use a lot. However, I don't possess, nor do I plan to possess every browser "out there", and decided to instead, for, work along the lines of creating 100% validating pages as well as having them work in all the browsers.

I've succeeded in this, and so far, every single page of is 100% validated, cross-browser standard XHTML. Looks great, too, with some fairly advanced navigation code, all 100% compliant, and if it doesn't work in so-and-so's browser, well, it ain't my problem!.

But that isn't even nearly true for the pages here at, what a mess! And I'm pretty much gonna have to rewrite not only every page here (1000+ yikes!) but also all my "release" packages, because I use that stuff here, too, and I'll be wanting everything 100% across the board validated. big fun!

I've finally seen the true beauty of CSS, and how I can deliver my pages to every conceivable device on planet earth by simply separating the page from the layout. I plan to ERADICATE ALL TABLES! Though quite how that's going to work on the distro machine, I have no idea! Then there's generating the stuff with php which opens up a whole new world of possibility (check out the theme-switching on!)

Anyways, be assured, I'm hard at it, and my dev mirror, as always, represents the latest and greatest versions of pretty much everything.

k, back to work..


raising the bar

Well HELLO illusionfxnet! Or should I say "HELO". That's right! now has a working mail server! w00h00! Expect lots of email type add-ons for all my website spare parts™.

corzoogle already had an "email webmaster" function (which works superbly *phew*), and I plan to expand on that. let me know your feeling about this, the kinds of things you'd like to see.

I guess this means I'm going to have to get around to that newsletter, God knows there's enough to tell you. where to begin? all over the place, as usual, so many new opportunities now, so many things possible that were previously impossible. Little things, like GD2 instead of GD1, php 4.3 instead of php4.2, make all the difference.

The bar is being raised! If you're using one of my programs on some antique web server, like the one used to be on, then UPGRADE! Do it NOW! Or the next release simply won't work for you!

so much to do..


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