bragging and search engine noise

How's that for a prosaic title!

Okay, you know that if you code web links and put rel=nofollow into the attributes somewhere, Google won't follow it. While it's sometimes no fun at the other end1, it's an overall excellent idea, enabling webmasters, forum creators, administrators and the like to, amongst other things, prevent random spammers gaining Google PR from their content creator's hard work.

This helps keep the intercrap out of our top Google search results. *phew*

I'd like to propose another tag, rel=bragging, this would help keep forum member's hardware boastings out of our Google search results; Yes, it's fantastic Mr. Show-Off has a 2TB hard drive, or whatever, but now someone else wants one, or just wants information about one, and every page our exhibitionist lists his massive array of computer gear2, is just another wodge of noise in my results, information bearing no relation to the topic I'm searching.

for now..


1. As when folk build entire articles based on such links.
2. Most likely under every single one of hist posts over the entire forum.

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