ffe v2.5 RC3

v2.4.9.3   (V2.5rc3)

+ Added the facility to have automatically-populated codec drop-downs. ffe
will grab the latest encoders list from FFmpeg and parse it to produce a
list of audio and video codes for your codec drop-downs. Fairly groovy.

If you like to have *all* the available codecs in your drop-down, this
is for you.

If you like to switch binaries, this is for you, too. This automatic
list will reflect the codecs available in your current binary, as soon
as you switch binaries.

You can toggle Automatic Codec DropDowns from the app menu. When enabled
you lose the ability to add/remove items; indeed there is no context
menu for the codec drop-downs at all in this mode. There is no need to
add; you have ALL the available codecs in your drop-down!

You can switch between your own list and the full (auto) list without
destroying either. There is a HotKey (F7). You can keep your own list as
a set of "favourites", and toggle back-and-forth as required.

By the way, if you want a FULL list that you /can/ edit, here's a trick:

Enable Automatic Codec DropDowns (F7).

In your ffe.ini, set either/both codec lists to empty (and save it):


Disable Automatic Codec DropDowns (F7).

On discovering the list(s) empty, ffe will populate the drop-down with a
set loaded from the current FFmpeg binary. Now you have the full list
AND it is editable.

|Note: If only one of your lists is empty, ffe will only populate that
one, leaving the other as-is.

NOTE: If you do not make an actual edit (right click the combo/drop-down
and add something, anything), even a quick fictional one, ffe will NOT
save the generated list to your ini file.

+ Added an App Menu (submenu) for the Post-File controls. Things you
previously had to hack into your presets manually. Namely..


..How to run the command.


.. Whether or not to capture output to the console.


.. Whether or not to hide the invoked program.

See "Post-File run options", further down this document, for more
details about what these settings do.

v2.4.9.2 (V2.5rc2)

Reorganised the source package and now using AutoIt Beta ( to
build the binary.



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