ffe v2.4.9.5 (V2.5rc5)

+   Added a HotKey to suspend console output whilst FFmpeg is running. This
    can be useful when running certain plugins that output a *lot* of data.

    The HotKey is Alt+C. You can toggle back and forth, though note, if you
    do *only* that, there's a high chance the output won't begin updating
    again immediately on enabling. Just click anywhere, or stop switching it
    on and off and go do something more constructive!

    At the end of the job, the full log will be shown in the console, as

+   Added the ability to load multiple presets on the command-line. Simply
    separate preset names with a pipe ("|") character..

        run(Load Test Commands|Reverse Video+Audio) "B:\Test\ffe\*.mp4"

    This example demonstrates the intended usage; to load "layers" of
    commands. In this instance, the first preset loads pre-job commands to
    empty my test folder and post-file commands to create media report on
    all output files. It also sets the output folder for the following task
    (which does not have this set). This base preset could be pre-loaded for
    many different jobs.

    Here is what the first preset might look like in your ini..

        [Load Test Commands]
        post_file_command=ffprobe.exe "@outputfile" > "@ofilename_report.txt"

    NOTE: If you attempt to use the pipe character in the name of your
    presets, it will be replaced by an exclamation mark/point.

    If you *already* have presets with pipe characters in their name, you
    will need to change them to something else, like, "!". Also, seriously,
    what were you thinking!? lol

+   Added transparency menu to the drop window context menu. There are 5%
    graduations, from 0 to 100.

    A note about drop window transparency and mouse hover:

    When you hover you mouse over the drop window, the transparency will
    switch to 50%. Unless your transparency is already between 45% and 65%,
    in which case it will switch to 0% transparency (completely opaque), as
    these  values are too close to 50% to see an obvious change on mouse-

    If this behaviour bugs you, you can set the mouse-over transparency
    explicitly, using the following preference in your main settings..


            <value> being from 0-100

    The default is -1, which lets ffe work it out.

+   Added menu item for "Sort Presets" on the presets list itself, which
    seems sensible. If you alter the setting, the menu item will change to
    let you know that a restart is pending. Along with the corresponding app
    menu item.

    This facility has also been extended to all other app menus for settings
    that require a restart..

        Images on (some) Buttons
        Show MouseOver ToolTip Help
        Wrap Console Output
        ToolTips over Console Output

~   You no longer need to restart ffe (Alt+F5) to toggle the "log each job"
    switch. I just noticed that this was required when coding the above. Now
    ffe will grab the preference afresh before running jobs.

~   I've updated ffe.ini to use UTF-8 WITH BOM, to prevent it being 
    transformed to ANSI during built-in InIWrite() functions. I *really* 
    need to look into writing all my own ini routines!

+   Add further error-checking and cleaned up some extraneous code.

~   Removed the Proper Casing of the help label. It will now respect
    whatever case you use in your title.

*   Fixed the custom selections on the input dialogs not being set (since
    the beta this now needs to be done after the GUI_SHOW. Fair enough.).

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